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40ft X 60ft (2400 Sq ft) Pole Tent for Grass Only

40ft X 60ft (2400 Sq ft) Pole Tent for Grass Only

    • Actual Size: 40ft x 60ft
    • Setup Area: 50ft x 70ft

    • $1,200.00
    • .

40ft x 60ft Pole Tent


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This classic pole tent from Party Dreams is a great tent for most outdoor activities. These tents use tie-down ropes as anchoring, and can only be installed on grass or softer surfaces, which also makes the overall footprint greater. Add between 2 to 4 feet on each of the width and length dimensions to account for the tie-downs. Ask about our lights, heaters, fans and sidwalls for an unforgettable experience.

Approximate seating capacity: 288
Table Capacity: 36 - 8' rectangle or 24- 60"rounds
Surfaces: Grass or softer
Height: 18'
Length: 40'
 Width: 60'


Bistro Lighting Options:

Option A.- $360.00 (Perimeter Only)


Option B.- $880.00 (Aerial Hang)


Option C.- $1,040.00 (Perimeter and Aerial Hang)