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Yellow Jacket Cord Protectors

Yellow Jacket Cord Protectors


Multi Day & Long Term Rentals Available


Yellow Jacket Cord Protector Rental.

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In regards to heavy-duty cable protection, the Yellow Jacket® Cable Protector is perfect when there is going to be heavy vehicular traffic. With a load capacity of 21,150 lbs 'per axle' , there is still plenty of protection for cables, hoses, and wires from getting damaged from constant truck/vehicular traffic!! Yellow Jacket® Cord Covers have elongation properties of 400-600%, compared to the competition that offers less than 250%. This means that the polyurethane used to make the Yellow Jacket® Cable Covers can carry a high/heavy load before permanently deforming and can 'stretch' a lot more before breaking.

Do you want to rent a yellow jacket or a cord protector near me? Cable ramps are used to protect various types of cables. Cable ramp rental eliminates the need for burying, bypassing, or stringing cables. Rentable cable ramps have five channels and an interlocking design that allows units to be combined.2


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