Irradiant LED Mini Move 36 x 3w Moving Head
Irradiant LED Mini Move 36 x 3w Moving Head


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Irradiant LED Mini Move 36 x 3w Moving Head

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Irradiant LED Mini Move 36 x 3-watt Moving Head

Irradiant's Led Mini Move is an energy saving, RGB LED based mini moving yoke that comes with 36 (3-in-1) 3-watt LEDs. With the DMX controllable moving head you can pan 540°, tilt 230°, and has a 25° beam angle. You can control the unit with DMX, sound, auto, stand alone, or Master/Slave linking. It has 11 DMX channels and has standard DMX in and out connections.

3-in-1 LEDs should not be thought of as being directly comparable to standard RGB LED lighting. Each 3-in-1 LED contains its own DMX controllable red, green, and blue nodes so the color mixing actually takes place within the LEDs themselves versus having the color mixing take place outside of the fixture. This makes for better color mixing and true variable 16.7M color output.

  • 36 x 3-in-1 3-watt LEDs
  • Produces 16.7M true 24 Bit colors
  • DMX-512 control, 11 channels
  • DMX, auto, sound-active mode
  • RGB control with 255 grades
  • RGB total dimmer is 0~100%
  • Shutter speed is 10/sec ~1/10secs
  • PAN scan angle 0~540°
  • Tilt scan angle 0~230°
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 8.7" x 9.8" x 14.8


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